As your “Responsible Individual” I will provide your company with the following personalized services specifically scoped for your needs:

  1. Serve in the capacity of your company’s “responsible individual” as defined by Arizona statutes.
  2. Provide the required Arizona “principal place of business” (brick and mortar office).
  3. Assist with preparing and coordinating the examinations that will be performed on your company by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions.
  4. Serve as your “Statutory Agent” with the Arizona Corporations Commission (no need to pay a Statutory Agent company for this service).
  5. Provide updates regarding regulatory changes affecting your business.
  6. Assist with your Arizona Corporations Commission and/or Secretary of State filings by reviewing them for accuracy and completeness.
  7. Assist with your initial and renewal application for an Arizona Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Banker or Commercial Mortgage Banker by reviewing the application for accuracy and completeness.
  8. Hand delivery of any documents that need to be filed with the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions, the Arizona State Corporation Commission, or the Arizona Secretary of State .