Over 20 years mortgage licensing and state examinations experience, which began at Option One Mortgage Corporation, a company that grew to be one of the top non-prime mortgage lenders in the nation. While the Company originally operated solely as a wholesale lender, over the next several years, the company acquired a retail subsidiary (H&R Block Mortgage Corporation) and rapidly opened many new offices. Over the course of my tenure, my licensing team and I were responsible for maintaining over 800 branch licenses and well over 3,000 individual loan officer licenses/approvals. This included keeping track of the continuing education requirements for hundreds of loan officers. In addition, I was responsible for managing the dozens of state examinations performed on the Company each year. 

In September 2006, I went to work for a much smaller company that was operating as a mortgage broker and lender in 5 states. Over the next year, I acquired the necessary licenses/approvals for both the Company and its loan officers to conduct business in 27 states.

In August 2007, I moved to Arizona and was approved by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions as a “Responsible Individual.”  Since that time, I have been offering companies what I truly believe is the most competitively priced Responsible Individual package available.  

​This extensive experience allowed me to build a solid relationship with personnel in many of the state banking departments, as well as some key industry leaders.  I have also served on several committees related to mortgage licensing, including, but not limited to the CSBS/AARMR Uniform Application Initiative, the Mortgage Banker Association Licensing Task Force, and the AFSA Licensing Task Force.  I have conducted training on licensing topics and was invited by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America to speak on a licensing panel at its Annual Convention in October 2006, specifically focusing on the challenges smaller brokers and lenders face in this exploding licensing and regulatory environment.